28 May 2015

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Accepted cards provides landlords and agents with an unrivalled online tenant referencing tool that removes much of the risk from both the residential and commercial property letting process. Regardless of whether you let one or a portfolio of properties, you must be assured that your prospective tenant is of general good character and standing. analyses the personal data held by credit reference agencies alongside data resulting from enhanced checks that are proven to detect undesirable, high risk or fraudulent prospective tenants.

Assess your prospective tenant's suitability in 3 steps



Full referencing Report for agents & private landlords

6 year credit history search.
CCJs & bankruptcy.
UK Immigration Status
Defaults, arrears & repossessions.
Linked address search
Validation of 3 references
Guarantor suitability check
Salary/income verification
Acceptability Score
Post analysis recommendation
Bank account validation
Affordability analysis
Delinquent tenant database search
Rent Guarantee decision
Same Day Report Option (Priority) Report within 2 business days



For the referencing of corporate applicants & organisations (Ltd, PLC).

6 year director, proprietor or company credit history search.
CCJs & bankruptcy.
UK Immigration Status
Defaults, arrears & payment history.
Linked address search
Post analysis recommendation
Company credit check
Validation & collection of 2 references inc trade & accountant
Identification validation Accounts/Income verification
Report within 2 working days tenant picture

   Express Credit & Fraud Report

Credit check only. This Report should not be used solely to assess an applicant's suitability to enter an agreement

Report delivered within 2 hours (Mon-Fri)
UK Immigration Status
Submit online or via fax
6 year credit check
Tenant Data check
Acceptability Score
Linked address summary
Address verification
Reference validation not included

   Premier Report

Protection Against Defaults

Rental payments covered by Rentchecks
Not an insurance policy
Full 2 Page Report
Available to low risk Premier Report applicants
No excess or smallprint



International Credit & Reference Checks

International Data Bureau Report
UK Immigration Status
Credit check, Income check
Landlord Ref & Guarantor Check
Suitable for rent guarantee & warranty
3-4 Day Processing Schedule

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Discounted rates apply to Agent Accounts & block purchases of 10 or more Report credits.
See pricing for applicable rates when purchasing less than 10 Report credits.

If you would like to send your prospective tenant a blank referencing application to complete, you can now do so here.